Welcome to Zhenjiang Hongye Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

                      We manufacture aluminum processing equipment for many domestic and foreign aluminum processing enterprises


                      Company Size
                      Founded in 2002, the company has become a
                      modern levelaluminum processing equipment
                      engineering company.
                      Main Products
                      We manufacture aluminum
                      processing equipment such as
                      aluminum plate hot rolling mill, etc.
                      Strong Technology
                      Related national R & D cooperation relationships
                      Have independent intellectual property rights
                      Won multiple national patents
                      Find A Market Abroad
                      Products are exported to India, Malaysia, Thailand
                      Enterprise Strategys
                      We are positioned in
                      high-tech industrial enterprises


                      Zhenjiang Hongye Technology Co., Ltd.

                      Zhenjiang Hongye Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. After just ten years of development, it has grown into a well-known modernized set of engineering design, technology research and development, processing manufacturing, system integration, field assembly, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. Service and engineering general contracting in a professional aluminum processing equipment engineering company.The company has a research and development team with rich practical experience and advanced design concepts...

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